Vice Chairman Steven Barger

Brunswick County Board Of Education 

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

        Born and raised in Ohio, one of the first things Steven Barger appreciated about his relocation to North Carolina was the warm weather and Carolina blue skies! A decade later, he would say it is the title of husband, father, and public servant that keeps his roots strong here in Southeastern North Carolina.
        As a small business owner, Steven quickly learned what personal sacrifice is. As a public servant, he has had the privilege of learning so much about Brunswick County, along with meeting many of the great people who make up this community. Steven and his wife, Brandy, have always put their family and community values ahead of profit or gain and enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves.
        In addition to having three daughters under the age of 12, Steven stays busy working full time in Public Safety. Many of his years were spent serving the residents of Boiling Spring Lakes with various volunteer jobs and as Mayor Pro Tem. Steven’s reason for public service is his strong core belief that we each have a responsibility to make our community the most improved and enriched for as many people as possible. In his free time, Steven loves to enjoy the outdoors, specifically, biking, kayaking, fishing, and playing at parks with his children.
        School Board members are a voice but must not be the only voice. Citizens ultimately need to be heard. The number one complaint from parents, teachers, and staff from small-town America to the big cities is this: they do not feel heard. Though it may sound simple, for a taxpayer to be “heard” is the ultimate service offered by a public servant. Our School Board needs to build communication channels with State and County leaders to improve not only teacher pay but funding mechanisms to invest in capital projects. Steven would be honored to lend both ears and be that voice - for you, your family, your community, and every student in Brunswick County. 

Getting To know Steve:

-Theodore Roosevelt

Placing Values, Integrity and Common Sense back in the Education of our future.